5 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask About Synthetic Grass Charlotte, NC

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Changing any part of your home, especially one as major as your lawn, is not an easy decision. A lot of homeowners had second thoughts before switching to artificial grass in Charlotte, NC.

Some of them used to believe that artificial turf can never be as good as synthetic. As most of them quickly found out however, artificial grass is definitely not as good as real grass – in many ways, it’s actually much better.

On the fence about making the switch? Get answers to some of the most common questions about artificial grass to help you make a decision!

Top 5 FAQs About Switching to Synthetic Turf (350)

It’s natural to have a few concerns before making such a significant investment like covering your backyard with turf:

Why should I choose cover my yard with synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC?

Artificial grass looks green and lush with uniform texture all year long with the hassle of seeding, watering, mowing, and maintenance like real grass. You save money, time, and energy with self-maintained turf.

  1. Is turf safe for my family and pets?


    Yes, provided you choose high-quality turf from a trusted manufacturer. Such turf is non-toxic and non-allergenic. Make sure to hire an experienced artificial grass installer as well to make sure every material used in your new yard is safe.


  3. Can I install synthetic grass over my existing lawn?


    It’s possible, but highly discouraged. Doing so can create serious problems like an imbalanced base and drainage issues. It won’t last as long as well. For best results on your investment, let your installation team start with a clean slate.


  5. Is it difficult to maintain artificial grass in Charlotte, NC?


    Not at all ! In fact, minimal maintenance is one of the best things about switching to turf. For one, you never have to mow, water, reseed, or labor over seasonal maintenance again. You don’t have to pay professional lawn maintenance either.


  7. How long does synthetic grass last?


    Top-notch grass can last anywhere from 8-15 years. Observe the recommended maintenance, and you may even be able to extend that by up to 20-25 years. It’s definitely a long-term investment, and warranties also run for years so you stay protected.


  9. Does synthetic grass drain as well as real grass?


    No, it often drains even better. Unlike sod grass, synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC can drain several gallons of water a minute. Installers will design an effective water run-off route too, in order to prevent flooding on your lawn and the surrounding area.


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