Top 5 Backyard Games To Play On Artificial Putting Greens in Dallas

lawnhomecare Jun 4, 2020 Backyard Designs

Do you love lawn games but worried about ruining your grass? Worry no more! Artificial putting greens in Dallas offers the ideal surface for backyard games because of its durability. It can withstand all games from ring toss to intense sports. Have double the fun with friends and family with the five most popular games you can play on artificial grass in Dallas!

5 Backyard Games You Can Play on Artificial Grass

Having an artificial turf lawn just made backyard games and summer stress-free. Without having to waste weekends mowing and maintaining your yard, all you need to do is to have fun with your family and friends. There are several games you can play on artificial turf in Dallas. Interested to learn what lawn games you can play on your synthetic turf lawn? Check out these examples:

  1. Corn Hole


    Corn hole is a simple and fun game you can play with your family. All you need is some boards and small bags stuffed with beans or corn. To win the game, each team must toss the little bags into the holes on the board. The team that sinks the most bags wins.


    Corn hole must be played on a level surface to make sure both teams are on an equal playing field. A backyard putting green is flat, even, and sturdy, which makes it the ideal surface for this game.


  2. Ring Toss


    A stake, a few rings (or horseshoe), and a competitive spirit are all you need for a fun and exciting game of ring toss. This game requires the players to toss the ring into the stake, and the one with the most rings wins.


    Ring toss is fun to play on an artificial putting green because it doesn’t damage the lawn. It can withstand the impact, and won’t cause the grass to flatten or lose its shape.


  4. Bocce Ball


    Bocce ball is an old game that originated in Egypt during the 5200 BC. This game can be played by kids and adults alike. Bocce ball works best played in flat, smooth surfaces like the best artificial putting green material.



  6. Water Balloon Fight


    Water balloon fights are a sure hit among kids, especially during summer. But clean up can be a challenge, no thanks to soggy grass and muddy puddles. With synthetic turf lawn, you don’t need to worry about that.


    Artificial grass installation is equipped with a robust drainage system that removes water efficiently. This means that the grass will dry quickly, which helps avoid accidents. Its soft cushion also ensures your kid’s safety if they do slip and fall.


  8. Mini Golf


    Mini golf will be a sure hit to your guests and would guarantee hours and hours of fun. No need to leave the house to enjoy a game of golf. Artificial putting greens in Dallas are fully customizable to suit your preference. You can even add an obstacle course for a more challenging game.

Enjoy the Best Summer Ever with Artificial Grass!

Make your summers more memorable with lawn games. With artificial grass installation in Dallas, you can enjoy a wide range of fun games and activities at any time of the year. If you need help designing the perfect artificial grass lawn and custom putting green, don’t hesitate to contact your local synthetic grass installer.