4 Reasons to Install the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Austin

lawnhomecare Jun 2, 2020 Lawn Care Tips

Let’s face it—real grass and dogs don’t mix well. If you are a pet owner, you know the struggle to keep your lawn healthy while an energetic pup goes on adventures in your backyard. Fortunately, creating a pet-friendly lawn is now possible with the best artificial grass for dogs in Austin. Say hello to a happier pet plus the lush lawn you’ve been dreaming off, all at the same time!

Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Pets

If you are still on the fence about installing artificial grass, discover the reasons why it’s become a favorite choice among Austin pet owners:

  1. Keeps yards mud-free


    Are you frustrated because your canine friend keeps on leaving muddy tracks everywhere? Eliminate this issue with artificial turf installation in Austin, TX! There’s no dirt under the turf surface. So regardless of the weather, your dog can enjoy the lawn without tracking dirt all over your lawn and inside your home.


  3. Safe for dogs


    One of the reasons why you should install synthetic turf is its safety features. Dogs love to chew and play on the grass. Unfortunately, natural lawns often have hidden hazards like fleas and ticks, toxic chemicals, and allergens.

    You can eliminate this problem with artificial turf because it is made of toxin-free substances. What’s more, you don’t need to treat your lawn with chemicals to keep it thriving. Enjoy total peace of mind every time your furry friend goes out the door to some fresh air.


  5. Dig-proof


    If your dog is a keen digger, maintaining a natural lawn can be challenging. This is why many pet owners chose to install the best artificial grass for dogs in Austin, TX. You can guarantee a perfect surface thanks to the double-layered backing and thick pile of artificial grass. It also features sand infill that prevents your dog from digging further. He can try, but he won’t get past the timber edging and will find another thing to do!


  7. Easy to clean


    Your dog likely uses your yard as their private bathroom. Unlike real grass, cleaning synthetic turf is easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is hose down the area with water, and it will drain through the backing layer. Even if your furry friend pees on the grass, it will not fade over time. Clean up is a breeze with artificial turf.


Create a Backyard Pet Haven with Artificial Grass

The benefits of artificial grass for pet owners are too many to ignore. Artificial grass is an excellent alternative to a natural lawn if you want to keep both you and your dog happy. For more information, find the best artificial turf installation near you and get a quote today!