Debunking 4 Common Myths About Best Putting Greens DIY Installation

lawnhomecare Jun 1, 2020 Artificial Grass Hacks

Professional installation of best putting greens can be costly, driving a lot of homeowners to do DIY installation and save on labor fees. As much as there are hundreds of guidelines about DIY installations, there are also misconceptions that can make you hesitate about the project. The good news is that most of these are myths— don’t let them be a barrier from owning and installing your own putting green!

4 Common Turf DIY Installation Myths

Proper installation of the best artificial turf in San Jose will help you build a private golf green and provide a lot of entertainment to friends and family. Instead of shelling out money for the installation, why not do it yourself? Learn the truth behind the most common myths surrounding DIY turf installation:

  • Myth 1: You cannot customize a DIY-installed putting green.


    Many believe that DIY installation is not customizable, when, in fact, you are free to do anything with the design! If you wish, you can create a golf course by adding multiple holes, a few bunkers, and put some cut of fringes to make the game more challenging. A DIY installation gives you optimal freedom when designing.


  • Myth 2: Weather can easily damage a DIY-installed putting green.


    Another common myth says that DIY installation makes the putting green less durable. It really depends on getting top-quality turf products and accessories from a trusted supplier. The first-class turf is sturdy, durable, weather-resistant, and will last a long time with proper DIY installation.


  • Myth 3: DIY installing artificial grass ruins the landscape.


    Afraid that an artificial grass DIY installation will make a mess of your landscape? Doing the installation yourself can actually elevate your backyard’s look if done right. A lot of homeowners install artificial grass around trees as it improves aesthetics. For instance, during summer, when most of the natural lawns are dead due to extreme heat, yours will stay attractive-looking. It also raises home value.


  • Myth 4: Artificial grass is harmful to the environment.


    A lot of DIY installers are discouraged by the false belief that artificial grass kills healthy soil and root systems beneath. On the contrary, a 2014 study claims that the environmental impacts of artificial grass are lower than those of the natural lawn. Installing synthetic turf also decreases carbon emissions as you don’t need to use lawnmowers and strimmers when maintaining your garden.


DIY Your Dream Backyard Putting Green

Installing the best putting greens by yourself isn’t impossible. In fact, it’s an excellent course of action with proper research and preparation. Be sure to work with a trusted turf product supplier. Not only can they supply you with everything you need, but you can also seek advice and tips on every stage of the installation process.