Fun Tips for Training Your New Puppy on the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

lawnhomecare Apr 24, 2020 Lawn Care Tips
cute puppy sitting on turf - feature

The arrival of a new puppy is such an exciting time. Suddenly, you’ve got this adorable furball you can cuddle and play with all the time. But don’t get carried away by that cuteness— puppies are notorious for getting into things they shouldn’t and damaging items while they explore. Have a more relaxed time training your new best friend using the best artificial grass for dogs!

Why Artificial Grass is Perfect for Pet Owners

The first few months of a dog’s life are critical to establishing good behaviors for life. However, training puppies is not for the faint of heart. Be ready to spend a lot of time, patience, and effort teaching the little one what you want them to do.

Many pet owners are turning to artificial turf in Dallas to simplify the process. It can be a superior choice versus real grass, especially when you have pets at home, due to the following advantages:

  • It’s easy to clean.

Urine has a tendency to pool on a natural lawn, especially when the ground’s too packed, and your dog pees on it too often. This will never happen with artificial grass because it has a built-in porous backing that quickly drains urine away from the surface and into the subsoil. Give it a quick rinse with soapy water to clean and remove odors!

  • It’s exceptionally durable.

Those tiny puppy paws can do a lot of damage on a natural lawn. Puppies love to dig up and rip out grass. Soon, you’ll find dangerous holes and dips on your lawn plus ugly patches. The best artificial grass for dogs is tough enough to resist even the most hyper puppy antics. Let your buddy play their heart out without worrying about damage to the turf.

  • It stays gorgeous no matter what.

Heavy rains, intense heat, seasonal changes, pests, weeds, grass diseases – none of these can damage the tough fibers of real grass. In comparison to those, maintaining a beautiful lawn when you have pets is a walk in the park with synthetic turf. It stays green and at the perfect height all year long, so you can enjoy fun times with your puppy on a picture-perfect backyard.

Puppy Time: Training with Artificial Grass

Ready to start training your new friend? Below are some tips for novice puppy owners, or seasoned ones who have just made the switch to real grass:

  • Designate a bathroom corner for your dog outside.

Puppies need routine, and knowing where to go pee in the yard will help you potty train them faster. It’s also easier to pick up solid waste and flush out urine on turf.

  • Add a puppy play course in your yard.

Puppies need tons of playtime to burn off all that energy! Instead of letting them get bored and wreak havoc indoors, give them their own pet run. Synthetic grass in Dallas feels precisely like the real thing. The only thing left is to add some obstacles, chew toys, a sandpit, and maybe a splash pad for them to cool off!

  • Create a turf run inside your home.

For those days when you need to run for errands or for work, you can help your puppy feel comfortable by creating an indoor pet run made of artificial grass. Place it in a safe corner of your home and designate a potty area and a play area for them. Since it feels like the backyard, they won’t know the difference.

Looking for more ideas on how to use synthetic grass for you and your pet? Call your local turf installers today!